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pH Booster
100% Potassium Carbonate

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• Quickly Adjust pH Up
• Does Not Contain Chlorides or Salts
• Food Grade Potassium Carbonate
• Quickly Corrects Potassium Deficiencies
• Improves Turgor Pressure of Plant Cells
• Safe with Low Phytotoxicity and Low Salt Index
• Ideal for All Media
Soluble Potash (K20)
Derived From:
Potassium Carbonate
pH Booster is a unique product formulated from technical grade potassium carbonate. It has the lowest salt index of any potassium source and will immediately raise the pH of any water, soil or soilless media to its desired level. Since it is a clear liquid solution it will easily penetrate soil and soilless media into the root zone. In growing media, pH can change rapidly causing deficiencies in nutrients. Natural decomposition of organic matter in soils releases hydrogen ions resulting in the soil becoming more acidic.
pH Booster is the most soluble and safest source of potassium that can quickly absorb and correct any potassium deficiencies. It does not contain any harmful chlorides. It will not settle out of solution, making it the most reliable potassium source available, supplying readily available K for steady, fast uptake.
pH Booster can be applied to all crops including outdoor, indoor and hydroponics. For use on all growing media such as soil, soilless mixes and hydroponics. It has an alkaline pH of 12 so it will help raise the pH of both soil and water supplies to the optimal pH growing range. It is a true solution and needs no extra mixing. It must first be diluted with water prior to combining with other nutrients or technical materials. Do NOT mix concentrates together or with highly acidic materials that contain phosphorous. Always fill tank full with water before adding concentrates. When using with a phosphorous source, first dilute with appropriate amounts of water then add pH Booster slowly, while continuously mixing. A small amount of effervescence will occur. For optimal results, the pH of your tank mix solution should be in the range of 6 7. Its ideal for use in any spray equipment, and fertigation, irrigation, drip or hydroponics systems.
Checking the pH of both water and soil prior to use and during the growing stages of a crop is very important. pH is affected by fertilizer usage, water and decomposition of growing media. This can drastically affect both availability of nutrients to the crop and the ability of the crop to take up nutrients. It is a crystal clear, highly soluble solution that will quickly adjust the pH to the desired range. It can be applied through irrigation systems, hydroponics and to any soil or soilless media.
pH Booster should be stored in normal warehouse conditions. Do not store below 32o F. In freezing temperatures, pH Booster may develop a precipitate which should disappear when returned to a warm temperature. Do not store above 100o F for long periods of time. pH booster is not corrosive. Always store in original container and keep tightly sealed. Refer to SDS for additional information on storage, handling, safety, disposal and shipping.

Application Rates



Frequency / Notes

Hydroponics:Raise the pH of acidic water

Mix 1-2 ml per gallon water (For larger applications mix 4 fl oz per 100 gal water)

Measure the pH of your tank water. Add diluted pH Booster to tank. Wait 15-30 minutes, and test your water again. If pH is not sufficiently raised, continue to adjust pH over several additions. Check pH every few days to adjust.

Adjusting Growing Media

Mix10 ml per gallon water (For larger applications mix 32 fl oz per 100 gal water)

Take a sample of your soil or soilless mix and test the pH. Add diluted pH Booster to soil sample and let stand 24 hours. Take another pH reading. If pH is not sufficiently raised adjust rate accordingly. It is better to slowly adjust soil pH over several waterings.

Hand Watering

Mix 1/2 - teaspoons (3-4 ml) pH Reducer per gallon water

Saturate soil with solution.