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22-0-16 VEG
With 82% Smart Nitrogen Technology

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• Grow Large Plants With Strong Stems & Branches to Support Heavy Harvests
• Healthy, Green & Lush with Slow Release Methylene Nitrogen
• Technical Grade, High Quality Ingredients
• Provides Consistent Even Feeding
• Non-Burning – Low Salt Index
Total Nitrogen (N)
3.3% Urea Nitrogen
18.7% Slowly Available Nitrogen*
Soluble Potash (K20)
Derived From:
Low Biuret Urea, Methylene Urea, Potassium Carbonate
*18.7% Slowly Available Nitrogen from Methylene Urea.
Weight per gallon
12.1 lbs
Weight per liter
1.45 kg
1 gallon contains 2.6 lbs nitrogen and 1.9 lbs potassium
1 liter contains 0.32 kg nitrogen and 0.23 kg potassium
NovaGreen 22-0-16 Veg is a crystal clear, liquid nitrogen and potassium solution that can be applied by foliar, soil or hydroponic application. Use during vegetative growth cycle to establish optimal growth, size and vigor, for support of essential macro-elements that must be replaced regularly especially during vigorous vegetative growth phase.
22-0-16 Veg contains a unique slow release nitrogen source, methylene urea that is formulated by a proprietary manufacturing process. Methylene nitrogen feeds plant slowly and consistently over several weeks, called the “Smart Nitrogen” choice for green, thriving and healthy plant growth. With 82% Smart Methylene Nitrogen, this product adheres to soil particles and will not leach or volatilize. Important for use in soilless media and outdoors where watering, or heavy rain can leach away nutrients recently applied. Smart nitrogen releases as the plant needs it ensuring consistent feeding and growth without flush growth that can often lead to disease problems.
22-0-16 Veg’s potassium source, potassium carbonate, is 100% soluble and immediately taken up by roots and foliage for fast response. 22-0-16 Grow has a very low salt index and therefore is safe to use from the very beginning of the growth cycle until maturity. It does not contain any nitrates, chlorides or sulfates and in combination with the nitrogen’s extremely low salt index, will not contribute to a buildup of salts in the soil, soilless media or hydroponics system.
22-0-16 Veg can be applied to all plant strains grown outdoors, indoors and hydroponically. For use on all types of growing media such as soil, soilless mixes, Rockwool, coco, peat moss, and many others. Both nitrogen and potassium are mobile in the plant’s tissue so both soil and foliar applications are suitable.
It is a true solution and needs no extra mixing. Prior to mixing with other nutrients or technical materials, first dilute with water. Do NOT mix concentrates together or with highly acid materials. Always fill tank ¾ full with water before adding concentrates. Neutralize materials to a pH of 7 or above before adding to mix. For optimal results, the pH of your tank mix solution should be in the range of 6 – 7. It’s ideal for use in any spray equipment, and fertigation, irrigation, drip or hydroponics systems.
22-0-16 Veg should be stored in normal warehouse conditions. Do not store below 32o F. In freezing temperatures, 22-0-16 Veg may become very viscous or develop a precipitate, which should disappear when returned to a warm temperature. 22-0-16 Veg is alkaline with a pH of 10.5. Always store in original container and keep tightly sealed. Do not store above 100o F for long periods of time. Refer to SDS for additional information on storage, handling, safety, disposal and shipping.

Application Recommendations



Frequency / Notes

All Strains of Plants Grown in Soil or Soilless Mixes, Indoors and Outdoors.

Mix 6 ml per gallon water.

Begin applications first week of growth phase as soon as young plants are potted.

Continue weekly applications throughout growth phase.

Foliar Spray: Mix 10 ml per gallon water.

22-0-16 Veg

Growth Phase

Number of Weeks


Hours of Light


Soil & Soilless Mixes

6 ml

Foliar Applications

10 ml

Apply weekly, amounts listed are to be added per 1 US Gallon (3.79 liters)