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Grow Large Plants With Strong Stems & Branches to Support Heavy Harvests.
Induces Natural Systemic Plant Defense Repsonses Against Pathogens
Promotes Pre-Flowering, Flowering, & Bud Formation. Stimulates root development and helps produce larger buds.
Supports Cell Permeability & Integrity
Combats Common Plant Diseases Including Gray Mold (Botrytis) Powdery Mildew, and Fusarium
A safe and effective alternative to chemical fungicides, Companion Biological Fungicide prevents and controls fungal and bacterial diseases.
Complete Package of 8 Minor Elements, Forumlated for Outstanding Growth.
An all-natural organic root stimulant and soil conditioner that builds plants from the roots up. Ideal for use on all plants, from seeding to maturity.
Important for Plant Growth & Quality
Quickly Adjust pH Up and Improver Turgor Pressure of Plant Cells.
100% Natural Organic Solution
Boosts the Size, Hardiness of Buds and Glands and Significantly Increases THC in Trichomes
A 100% Organic Carbon Source, Soil Mix 3-0-3 is Ideal for supplying organic matter to Soil & Soilless Media.
Strengthens Plant Immune System