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NovaGreen, is a Premium Product Line brought to you by Growth Products. For over 30 years Growth Products has offered solutions for the challenges that growers face every day, whether it be more yield per acre and larger fruit, less disease, denser, thicker, stronger turf, or to help transplants thrive, they have depended on us.
Created from years of experience in specialized program innovation, NovaGreen will guide growers through every step of the crop cycle with a dynamic product line designed to produce quick growth cycles from clone to harvest, and deliver the ultimate yield with dense healthy, disease free buds, rich in resin, terpene and THC.
Build healthy thriving plants, achieve noticeable results, and cultivate success with our comprehensive products and straight forward propagation program.
Growth Products, Ltd. is a pioneer in technically advanced and environmentally-friendly liquid fertilizers, beneficial organics, biological controls, and chelated micronutrients. Growth Products has been a leader in the Green Industry for more than 30 years. Long renowned for its signature products such as Companion®, the first biological fungicide available on the U.S. market; Essential Plus®, a groundbreaking organic liquid biostimulant; and Nitro-30®, a slow-release liquid fertilizer based on cutting-edge technology. Growth Products now has over 60 liquid and dry soluble products for agricultural, horticultural, sports turf, golf, arbor care, hydroponic, and landscape markets. Headquartered in New York, with additional manufacturing and warehousing locations across the U.S., the company continues to engineer innovative new products, all of which are manufactured in the United States using only the highest-quality ingredients. The company’s effective and extensively tested products are used in 40 countries, on five continents worldwide