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For plants that are fast growing, vigorous plants need high quality fertilizers to support healthy growth. The plant can only grow as rapidly as the energy source that is supplied to it, and that is why NovaGreen’s specially formulated fertilizers, micronutrients, and organics, designed for the vegetative growth phase in the crop are the perfect addition. plants grown outdoors germinates in the spring and has the most intense vegetative growth during the summer when sunlight hours are at their longest. Indoor plamts requires approximately 18-24 hours of intense High-Pressure Sodium, MH (Metal Halide), or LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting per day to imitate natural sunlight and enable the plant to grow robustly. And while the plant is growing vigorously it requires large concentrations of high quality nitrogen as fuel, quality potassium for strength, and a broad micronutrient package for health. Strong plants with healthy root systems are better able to support larger buds in the next phase. Avoid salt build-up from poor quality, weak fertilizers which will cause damage to plants and leave them undernourished and languid.

Products Used During Vegetative Growth
NovaGreen® 22-0-16
• With 82% Methylene Nitrogen this slow release nitrogen product feeds plants consistently.
• Slow release nitrogen avoids “flush” growth and produces stronger, healthier, denser branches and leaves.
• Technical grade potassium carbonate is the purest most soluble form of potassium for immediate absorption.
• Lowest salt index of any product in the industry.
NovaGreen Micronutrient® Package
• A total package of eight micronutrients, it keeps plants green and healthy.
• All micronutrients are chelated with citric acid, a process that makes the micros easy to absorb.
• Micros such as iron and sulfur are important for healthy growth and chlorophyll production.
• Prevent yellowing and solve deficiencies with a complete package of micronutrients.
NovaGreen Essential 1-0-1
• Contains natural ingredients, not found in conventional fertilizers, to feed plants including sugars, lignin, vitamin B2 and B6,
and over 20 L-Amino Acids.
• Stimulates and supports plentiful root growth required for robust top growth.
• Provides nutrients to improve ANY growing media (outdoor, potting soil, soilless mix, cubes or Rockwool) more favorable for plant growth.
NovaGreen Companion® Biological Fungicide
• Prevent all types of soil and foliar disease naturally with Companion Biological Fungicide.
• Produce a healthy population of rhizosphere bacteria that live symbiotically in the root hairs.
• Chemical fungicides often stunt plant growth and kill roots. Companion lives symbiotically with the plant actually having a positive effect, enhancing root and plant growth.
NovaGreen Silicate 0-2-5
• Silicon (Si) positively impacts plant metabolism, nutrient uptake, structural strength, and resistance to disease and pests, drought, heat and cold.
• Produces sturdier stalks and stems to support larger buds.
• Builds stronger resin glands (trichomes) and extends their shelf life.
• When growing hydroponically Silicon must be part of the feeding program.

Local water sources and different types of soil or soilless mixes affect pH. City and municipal water can be treated to meet standards of federal government for drinking purposes, but is not necessarily the best for growing. For example, tap water often contains excess chlorine and other additives which change pH. Luckily, it’s easy to test your water and soil pH. And with that information in hand you can adjust the pH to be either more acidic or more alkaline, by using the suggested NovaGreen products below.
Products Used to Adjust Water and Soil PH
NovaGreen pH Reducer
• Natural Citric Acid Solution.
• Safe alternative to corrosive acids.
• Wetting agent included to penetrate soil.
Nova Green pH Booster
• No chlorides or Salts.
• Faster acting than Lime.

pH is measured on a scale of 1 to 14. Pure water has a pH of 7 and is deemed pH neutral. pH below 7 is considered to be acidic and pH higher than 7 to be alkaline. It is essential to keep pH levels within certain limits when growing. The pH level of your soil will ascertain how well your plants are able to take up the nutrients. Many micronutrients become unavailable in both low and high pH ranges. If the pH level is out of the correct range, the growth rate of the plants can stall or even stop. When growing in soil the pH should usually be around the 6.5 – 7 mark. NovaGreen pH Reducer and pH Booster will help you safely adjust pH in your growing system without the use of harsh corrosive acids.