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Products Used During Seeding, Cloning and Transplanting
Nova Green Soil Mix
• Elicits new, more vigorous root growth and protects against stress and disease.
• Adds organic matter and beneficial bacteria to sterile soilless mixes.
• Apply when transplanting to larger pot sizes to overcome transplant shock.
• Increases nutrient retaining abilities by improving cation exchange capacity (CEC).
NovaGreen Essential® 1-0-1
• A natural solution of rooting hormones that stimulates root development.
• NovaGreen Essential® 1򈆥 Softens seed coating to increase the number of seeds which germinate.
• Contains cytokinins, gibberellins and auxins, Important hormones for germination and root formation.
• A root stimulator to quickly grow taproot and Increase branching.
NovaGreen Companion® Biological Fungicide
• Non-chemical method to prevent damping off (fusarium), a common fungal disease to strike seedlings that can wipe out an entire batch of seeds overnight.
• A naturally occurring biological bacterium that colonizes on newly forming root hair and encourages healthy root growth.
Nova Green 8-JZ-5 With Micros
• Provides phosphorus to seedlings stimulating cell division and the development of new tissue.
• Young plants respond well to "Slow Release" methylene nitrogen which feeds them slowly and consistently.
• A complete micronutrient package, so plants do not develop deciencies during times of rapid growth.
Use NovaGreen Soil Mix to incorporate in all types of potting soil and soilless mixes. It contains beneficial Bacillus subtilis bacteria that will quickly colonize a root surface to improve nutrient uptake, stimulate new and more vigorous root growth and protect roots against stress. NovaGreen Soil Mix will help improve the health of the plant by maintaining an active population of beneficial soil microorganisms that crowd out unwanted pathogens. It contains Humic Acid that will increase the CEC of soils and replenish organic matter. As an added benefit, it contains a natural wetting agent, derived from Yucca, that is safe for all plant materials and a natural biostimulant, which enhances root formation and branching. Soil Mix can also be applied as a top-dressing when transplanting, both alone or along with fertilizers at a rate of 1 tsp. per gal container.
The proper tools and practices are fundamental in successful plant propagation, and when employed produce outstanding results throughout the entire production process as well as the finished crop. NovaGreen抯 specifically formulated products are designed to enhance quick germination, strong root growth on young seedlings, and prevent disease. Properly nurtured seeds sprout in 2 7 days depending on the strain, and can be well rooted in 21-30 days. In addition to water, heat and airflow, NovaGreen Essential 1-0-1, a natural rooting hormone, is the most important addition a grower can include to properly germinate seeds. Seeds are comprised of an outer hard layer with an embryo inside. NovaGreen Essential softens the hard shell for faster and more abundant seed germination and also supplies root stimulants to encourage rooting. By adding NovaGreen Companion Biological Fungicide, a grower can protect plants from diseases such as Damping off, a common problem that can wipe out a crop of seedlings overnight. To round off tender young plant growth, NovaGreen 8-32-5 has the perfect ratio of high phosphorus, for continued root development, combined with slow release nitrogen that feeds seedlings gradually and consistently. Topped off with a complete micronutrient package, 8-32-5, supplies plants with all the minors they need for healthy development.
Ensure successful, fast callus formation and abundant rooting by incorporating NovaGreen into your cloning operation. Cloning is the delicate process of cutting a growing branch tip from a female plant during the vegetative growth stage and making healthy replicates of the original plant that quickly mature into the next crop. There are many sources online, or in grow books,
that supply the steps to cloning, also known as 慶uttings. No matter what method you choose, or the size of your operation, NovaGreen Essential, Companion and 8-32-5 are indispensable products to include in the cloning process. Essential is a natural plant and root stimulant that entices cuttings to quickly let out new roots and branches, crucial to their survival, thereby getting your crop off to the fastest start possible. Essential can be used as an organic dip or drench and is the ONLY ORGANIC alternative to chemical rooting hormones. When making clones, cutting tools and sources must always be sterilized with rubbing alcohol because the freshly made 搘ound, generated by cutting, is the ideal location to introduce disease that can take hold of the tender clone and weaken or kill it. By applying Companion Biological Fungicide to clones you successfully block the ability of pathogens to infect the cutting. The final step with the now rooted clone is the addition of 8-32-5, with high phosphorus to stimulate root growth, a complete micronutrient package, and slow release nitrogen to steadily feed a young plant.
Protect your crop as it continues to develop by including NovaGreen products whenever transplanting. During a plants life cycle it may be transplanted many times; each time there is an interruption and setback as the plant gets acclimated to its new environment and the root system grows into the new, larger space. No matter how many times it is transplanted, from seedlings or clones, in root cubes to small 4 pots, and then later into larger pots, always include NovaGreen Essential 1-0-1 and Companion Biological Fungicide in the transplanting water. The process of transplanting causes what is known as 搕ransplant shock and can be mild or severe. Unavoidably, roots are disturbed and sometimes accidentally damaged, disrupting the means of water uptake. This leads to a slowdown of your crops growth, but by using NovaGreen Essential and Companion your crop can swiftly continue its progression to the vegetative stage.