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After all the hard work and eddort you have invested into your crop, and it is about ready to be harvested, there are still dangers threatening your yield. One of the main culprits is bud rot, caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea, or gray mold. Moist, sticky, resinous buds are the perfect breeding ground for Botrytis. This disease is easily spread through the air and once an area has gray mold it is easy for adjoining crops to continue to be infected. NovaGreen gives growers one of the few organic options for preventing and controlling gray mold and at the same time protecting the buds during the drying process when Botrytis is still active and can damage buds. Companion Wettable Powder is a biological fungacide, registered with the EPA and an OMRI Listed Organic alternative for foliar applications to buds. It will colonize the buds with beneficial bacillus subtilis GB03, crowding out and weakening any fungal spores. Just prior to harvest is also a crucial time when chemical pesticide application cannot be used and will contaminate the crop. NovaGreen Comapnion Wettable Powder is the safest choice and one of the few non-chemical options available!

When finishing your crop, it is important to enhance your particular strains flowering, terpenoid, flavonoids and terpenes. Together these compounds produce a synergistic effect, critical for the production of medical plants. NovaGreen's organic elements are integral to that enhancement. Products such as NovaGreen Essential with over 18 organic ingredients, formulated in scientific ratios, make this product the perfect choice for finished crop enrichment.

Products Used During Finishing
NovaGreen Companion Wettable Powder
• Prevent botrytis cinerea or gray mold also known as 'Bud Rot'.
• OMRI Listed Organic.
• Continue to fight outbreaks of mold during curing process.
• Non-chemical option.
NovaGreen Essential 1-0-1
• Enhance the flowering, THC, terpenoid, flavonoids and terpenes.
• Superior aroma and flavor.
• Rich organics build dense healthy buds.
• Supports plant through entire growth cycle.