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Perhaps the most unique and exciting phase of plant growing is the process of flowering. When Preflowering begins you should see two small pistils at the crux of the branch joint, allowing you to discern the sex of the plants. Wait until pre-flowers have appeared to induce flowering. Switch from products designed for vegetative growth to NovaGreen products that induce flowering. Plants grown outdoors naturally senses the change in the length of daylight hours and temperature to trigger the flowering process. When grown indoors it has to be coaxed into flowering by changing the light cycle to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. The transition from the vegetative stage to flowering is gradual, and the plant will continue to stretch for the first several weeks of flowering. The fertilizer and nutrients used during this period critically impact how your crops will harvest, from bud weight and size, to flavor and THC content. Vegetative and flowering plants have completely different food requirements, so you must tailor the nutrients used in each stage to the proper formula. Flowering plants require more phosphorus, potassium, and different micronutrients to support bud development, flower formation and growth. There are also many beneficial elements such as silicate, phosphite, salicylic acid, and organics like Kelp and L-Amino Acids that induce more robust budding, flowering and resin production. All these factors along with disease management will increase yield. The application of NovaGreen during the flowering phase can help growers increase bud and flower formation and growth while aiding in the production of favorable plants, terpenes, terpenoids and flavonoids that will enhance the character of the plant as it matures. Continue the use of NovaGreen Companion Biological Fungicide to ensure adequate disease prevention and protection.

Products Used During Flowering Phase
NovaGreen 3-18-18
• Dual sources of Phosphorus including Phosphites during the flowering phase.
• Salicylic acid (aspirin) stimulates bud production and flowering.
• Potassium is essential to healthy bud development and sturdy growth.
NovaGreen Cal Mag 7-0-3
• Fully soluble, chelated micronutrient package.
• Gives the option of foliar application.
• Plants requires a lot of magnesium and calcium; Cal Mag is the perfect 2:1 ratio.
• The micronutrients are 100% chelated with a natural sugar glucoheptonate.
NovaGreen Silicate 0-7-17
• Silicon (Si) enhances plant metabolism, and resistance to disease and pests, drought, heat and cold.
• Produces sturdier stalks and stems to support larger buds.
• Builds stronger resin glands (trichomes) and extends their shelf life.
• When growing hydroponically, Silicon must be part of the feeding program.
NovaGreen Companion® Biological Fungicide
• Manages disease during the flowering phase, which can devastate a crop, even in environments of unstable humidity, airflow, or temperatures, conducive to pathogen invasion.
• Produces a healthy population of rhizosphere bacteria that live symbiotically on the root hairs.
• Beneficial bacteria stimulate root and plant growth, unlike chemical fungicides that often stunt growth.
NovaGreen Essential 1-0-1
• A 100% natural product perfect to use when finishing off your plants production.
• Biological ingredients stimulate a higher concentration of resins in the harvested buds.
• Helps increase dry weights as well as potency characteristics including terpene profiles & production.
• Improves over all nutrient uptake.