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  • The lowest salt index of any fertilizer currently sold on the market.
  • Detailed Guaranteed Analysis so you know exactly what each product contains and what you are buying.
  • Products are made with technical grade raw materials – the same quality ingredients used for human consumption.
  • Pure clean products with no fillers, additives, contaminates or heavy metals.
  • The highest analysis, concentrated liquid products in the industry.
  • Based on chemistry and technology; some products are created by engineering molecule-to-molecule bonds to form new elements.
  • Natural and biological choices for organic production.
With 12 products in its line-up for every phase of growing plants-from seed starting
and cloning to blooming and final harvest—NovaGreen’s dynamic product line
encourages quick seed germination and quick growth cycles. NovaGreen® has
exceptionally high guaranteed analyses for its N-P-K fertilizers, and some of
the lowest salt indexes in the market. The line also includes a biological fungicide
that is highly effective against gray mold (Botrytis cinerea) and which can be
applied up to the day of harvest, a plant grown with NovaGreen® is always
rich in resin, terpene and THC.